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All About Leeds Penny Stock Analysis

penny-stocks-moneyPeter Leeds is one of the most visibly successful penny stock professionals out there. In fact, he is considered to be The Penny Stock Professional by most insiders. He began his experimentation with penny stocks at a very early age and has demonstrated an incredibly strong understanding of the market and its analysis over the years. The Leeds Analysis is the system that he has developed to evaluate penny stock picks for potential investment. Using it, he has been able to determine which stocks are likely to be good investments and when it is most cost effective to invest in them. Now he has made his system available for public use in order to promote successful penny stock trading.

What is the Leeds Analysis?

Leed’s system is criteria based. This means that in order for a stock to be identified as a good potential investment, the investor must investigate it according to the list of criteria. He likens it to inspecting a potential purchase. If you buy a car, you check to see if it works, how old it is, the condition of its systems, and so on. He encourages investors to do the same when they consider investing in a company. In order for a stock to score well in the Leeds Analysis system, they need to accumulate as many good criteria points as possible. A single negative can drag down the score and indicate a poor potential investment.
How Can I Learn to Apply Leeds Analysis?

Ideally, you will want to learn penny stocks and about Leeds Analysis from the master himself. Peter Leeds provides a detailed explanation of this system as a part of his introduction to penny stock investing. There he guides you through the initial stages of analysis as well as how to properly apply the technique to minimize risk when it comes to penny stock investing.

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