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Avoiding Soggy Zucchini Bread

Zucchinis are a versatile vegetable.  Their delicious flavor makes them a great additive for many foods.  In fact, many people rave about momswhothink zucchini bread.  Bread and zucchinis go hand in hand.  You just have to rely on these few tricks to make sure the bread doesn’t come out soggy.


The Right Amount of Flour


To begin with, make sure you are using the right amount of flour.  Sometimes soggy breads lack the proper amount of flour.  You can usually determine the right amount of flour when you are kneading.  Enough flour will pull the dough from the bowl – literally.  However, too much flour will make the dough dry and bally.  You want to be able to manipulate the dough without getting your hands very dirty.  However, the dough should still have a sticky texture.  If you can achieve this, your bread should be the right consistency.


Working With the Zucchinis


Next, focus your attention on the zucchinis themselves.  Many times people create soggy bread because they do not properly prepare the zucchinis for bread.  For best results, try squeezing the zucchinis in a clean cloth before adding them to the dough.  This allows you to remove excess moisture that could make the bread soggy.


Less Butter or Oil


Finally, nearly all breads call for butter or oil.  This provides the bread with a lot of flavor.  However, too much of it can distort the texture of the bread.  Make sure you are using the exact amount that is called for in the recipe.  If you try to add more to increase the flavor, you could ruin the dough or create a soggy bread texture.


If your bread comes out soggy, don’t get discouraged.  Instead try these tips and tweak your bread recipe for perfection.  With a few attempts, you should be able to determine the correct concoction. Find the right beer to pair with your zucchini bread to make it perfect.

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